Year 2006


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The coins of year 2006

Year 2006 : New series on the German Länders


     In 2006, Germany began a series of sixteen coins - in reality 16 x 5 coins because there are 5 workshops of engraving in Germany - each reserved for one of the Provinces - German Länders. These coins are presented on all the site in an olive green bottom to distinguish them on one hand, but also because they are tidied up in a particular volume - Volume V - " German Länders " which lists these 80 different coins. The labels of identification of the series Länders German are olive green too in Volumes IIIa and IIIb.

Furthermore, these coins are classified in a subcategory of the commemorative coins): THE PARTICULAR SERIES. See farther

Detail of the coins 2006

Carousel of coins 2006

Year 2006

  • 6 Emitting countries and 5 German coins
  • 11 newcommémoratives - 25 total



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