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This blog presents an information exchange concerning euro coins and Europe generally.

They are classified, for the moment, by categories:

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Other domains of interest

The 12 stars of the European flag


The European flag is a flag decorated with twelve golden stars in five branches, one of the branches pointed upward, arranged at a distance equal in circle on field of azure. He represents the solidarity and the union between the peoples of Europe.

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Simone Veil


Simone Veil, the date of its birth and its death, the year of decriminalization of the abortion (1975) and N° under which she was deported to the concentration camp of Auschwitz (78651).

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2018 - Eurocol's Tutos


A new coin arrives in your pocket and you've never seen it ?

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2018 28

2018 - News of March


To thank his 13 000th visitor, Eurocol ended its update of March, 2018:

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Assistant to the discovery of Eurocol


The information which follow aims at helping to understand and to follow the structure of the site of Eurocol

Note that you will have a better vision of the site of Eurocol on computer even if the site is of the type " responsive ", adapted to smartphones / tablets

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News of January


In the part Commemorative, discover the new coins emitted by Member states.

On the Forum, find the part Exchanges where the doubles of the collection are listed and the coin of the moment: Auguste Rodin


Good year 2017

The version 2017 of Eurocol is now complete.

The photos of the coins of the collection are presented in their albums.

A system of exchange of coins is going to be set up this year. Become known.

Do not hesitate to comment, to criticize and to give your appreciations.

Share and likez to promote Eurocol 2017.

And ... Good year

News of November 2016

New pages on the site...

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Hibernia 2€ Ireland

The numismatists waited for the first commemorative coin of Ireland.
She was struck in January, 2016 to 4 500 000 copies.

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The Athenian owl


          If the currency goes back up at the dawn of the times, it is necessary to wait for the 7th century av. J.-C., and then the Greeks, to see the appearance of struck metallic rooms. This innovation was a turning point in the history of the money.

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The Baltic States

We call Baltic States three countries east of the Baltic Sea: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The word Baltic is used here on a geographical sense " bordering of the Baltic Sea " which concerns three countries, and not in the linguistic sense (Baltic languages which does not concern Estonia).

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What became Yugoslavia ?

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The group of Visegrád

The group of Visegrád finds its origin in autumn, 1335, when kings of Bohemia, Poland and Hungary met in the Hungarian city of Visegrád.

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Manufacturing of a book

This site arises from a paper version in the size portrait 24 x 30 cms.

It contains 250 pages ( 125 sheets).

Do you know some simple techniques to bind all these pages ?

Begin a collection

Some information to create a collection of coins

Each will have understood it: to make a collection generally - and particularly a collection of rcoins in current monetary unit - has a cost.

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Opening of the site of Eurocol

The site of Eurocol is under construction...

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