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  • Advantages and inconveniences

         The complementary currencies can be divided into 2 groups

    1. Local currencies pressed on the official currency: 1 unity = 1 €. The national currency is often placed in an ethical bank.
    2. The complementary currencies not pressed on the national currency: their unity has no relationship with the official currency. The agreement of exchange of the properties or the existing services created the currency. This type of currency is not developed here.

    A monetary unit is equal to an euro, which allows to use it more easily, without having to make of conversion. But that's it even which returns the interest difficult to understand.

    Those who use it make it because it represents for them a way of revitalizing the local economy, because its use is restricted to a geographical zone. It allows the storekeepers who agree it to distance themselves from others and thus to attract more customers.

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  • List and position of local currencies in France


    List and geographical setting-up of local currencies in France


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  • The 12 stars of the European flag

    The European flag is decorated with twelve golden stars in five branches

    One of the branches pointed upward, arranged at a distance equal in circle on field of azure. He represents the solidarity and the union between the peoples of Europe

    European union eu waving flag animated gif 1

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  • Recognize a coin

    D'où vient-elle ?

    Que représente-t-elle ?

    Vous ne savez pas où chercher ?

    Apprenez à vous repérer parmi toutes les pièces de notre monnaie européenne avec ce petit tuto rapide.


  • 2018 - News of March


    To thank his 13 000th visitor, Eurocol ended its update of March, 2018:

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  • Assistant to the discovery of Eurocol


    The information which follow aims at helping to understand and to follow the structure of the site of Eurocol

    Note that you will have a better vision of the site of Eurocol on computer even if the site is of the type " responsive ", adapted to smartphones / tablets

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  • News of January


    In the part Commemorative, discover the new coins emitted by Member states.

    On the Forum, find the part Exchanges where the doubles of the collection are listed and the coin of the moment: Auguste Rodin

  • Good year 2017

    The version 2017 of Eurocol is now complete.

    The photos of the coins of the collection are presented in their albums.

    A system of exchange of coins is going to be set up this year. Become known.

    Do not hesitate to comment, to criticize and to give your appreciations.

    Share and likez to promote Eurocol 2017.

    And ... Good year