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23 Member countries of the Eurozone can emit two commemorative coins a year, and sometimes another coin common to all the member states.

Each of these coins has its history, its reason for being and to appear in the currency of its broadcasting Country. Numismatist or not, everybody can, and has to be interested in the Euro for its cultural diversity and the significant number of its coins.

Enter and discover this common currency to more than 400 million Europeans - for the moment.

Presentation of the six categories

P a pres

Presentation and reminders on the Euro and its former names, Europe, their chronology, the Member States and the micro States.

Presentation of Eurocol, its coins, limitations, marks and definitions. Notions of collection and copy

The coins of our currency, manufacturing and reading completes edges, obverses, lapels, characteristics, studios of engraving, designers

A study of the common faces - or European faces - and of their two versions a and b.?

P a app

In appendices, a fast flying on the currencies of Member countries before the Euro and the history of the currency and the currencies of the World.

An update of Candidate countries in the entry in the EU and in the Eurozone according to their own position.

A succint glossary, and a lumber room where we find ... of everything, complete this presentation.

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