The collection EUROCOL presents the most exhaustive inventory and the most complete possible of the circulating coins emitted by the States of the Eurozone - (Certain restrictive criteria are presented farther)


More than 800 coins to be discovered (December 2018)

Some are a part of NATIONAL SERIES (440 coins)

Others are COMMEMORATIVE 2€ coins (410 coins)

Who makes these coins, how and in which quantity ?

What is there on the slices of these Coins ?

To know the name of the designer or the engraver ?

Read awls and other marks on these Coins ...

In brief, some information to know better the EURO




      Summary   Essentially, this collection appears in the form of two main volumes for the sorting and the classification of the coins of the European currency:

The volume 1 for the national series in them two versions. 

The volume 2 for all the commemorative, common, particular rooms.

A volume 3 for appendices groups a lot of information around currencies before the Euro, Candidate countries, and the other indications: projects, glossary, lumber rooms, work in progress.



This first volume develops :

Some generalities

Notions and information on the Euro and the European Union and the reminders of their chronologies and their former names

The collection EUROCOL

Foreword, definition of a collection and a copy. Limitations of the choice of coins to be included in the collection

Overview diagram, list and marks of Member states, functioning and classification of coins

Position of Eurocol in the face of the set of euro coins



A study of the coins of the european currency

Various manufacturing process of coins to PESSAC - France - and their general characteristics

The reading of coins - obverse and lapel

Decode the slices of coins, the characteristics for visually handicapped people, workshops of engraving, designers and engravers as well as their "various".

Coins in circulation and allocation of capital of the shareholders of the ECB

An explanation on the reading of the common face - or European face - of euro coins


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Last edited: 06 feb 2019