Year 2010


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The coins of year 2010

Year 2010 : New series on Spanish heritage (UNESCO)


In 2010, Spain began an important series of annual coins which should be complete in 2053.

These coins represent the world heritage of the UNESCO in Spain in order of date of gratitude.

They are presented on all the site in an orange-colored bottom to distinguish them on one hand, but they are kept in Eurocol - for the moment - in Volumes IIIa and IIIb among the commemorative coins, with a label of orange-colored identification.

Furthermore, these coins are classified in a subcategory of the commemorative coins: THE PARTICULAR SERIES. See further

Details of the coins 2010

Carousels of coins 2010

Year 2010

  • 11 Emitting Countries and 5 German coins.
  • 16 new commemoratives - 116 pièces total


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