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The coins of the Maltese currency

Malta possesses one unique series since 2008

The euro coins of Malta have an official rate in the Eurozone since January 1st, 2008. The euro replaced the former national currency, the Maltese lira

The coins of Malta are struck in France to Pessac. In the star, below date, a letter 'F'.

These coins present three motives :

The Coat of arms of Malta, the megalithic temple  of Mnajdra, and the emblem used by the sovereign Order of Malta

Repartition : 3 3 2 - 3 motives


Slice of the 2€ maltese coin

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The three motives of the Maltese coins

Carousel of Maltese coins

The unique series of the maltese coins since 2008




Malta in a few figures

   Official name : Republic of Malta
   Area : 316 km²
   Population : 0,4 millions
   Density : 1330 hab/km²
   Political regime : Republic
   Capital : La Valette
   Languishes : Maltese, English

   Slogan : None

Coat of arms of Malta     Mabl

National anthem : Innu Malti? - Maltese Hymn 

The Republic of Malta

       Malta, in long shape the Republic of Malta, in Maltese Malted, in English Malted (Republic of Malted), is an island State of Europe, situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It consists of an archipelago of eight islands, among which four are inhabited, situated in 93 kilometers in the South of Sicily.

Its strategic location between the western Mediterranean Sea and the oriental Mediterranean Sea was worth to him the greeds and the activity of numerous powers during ages. It acquired its independence of the United Kingdom, and it for the first time its history, September 21st, 1964 and is a member of the European Union since May 1st, 2004, as well as the Eurozone since January 1st, 2008.


          With its 316 km2, it is the smallest State of the European Union. Its density is the highest of the European Union, counting 446 547 people, that is 1 413 inhabitants in km2. Malta possesses a national language, the Maltese and two official languages, the Maltese and English. The capital of the country is Valletta situated on the island of Malta.

The Maltese territory is an archipelago situated between the oriental and western Mediterranean Sea in 88 km of the southwest banks of the Sicilian south extreme, in 297 km in the east-north-east of the short Kaboudia, in Tunisia, to 339 kilometers in the North-northeast of the suburbs of Tripoli, in Libya, and 574 km in the West-southwest of the island of Céphalonie, in Greece. His strategic location in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, on the border between the western Mediterranean Sea and the oriental Mediterranean Sea and between North Africa (Cap Bon) and the South of Europe was worth to him the greeds of numerous civilizations during ages. The drilling of the Suez Canal is going to put Malta on the line of steamers ("steamers") for the colonies of the Commonwealth. Having been a naval center of maintenance with vast construction sites, it is the Mediterranean relay for the international traffic of containers today.

The Maltese archipelago of 316 km2 consists of nine islands, among which four are inhabited: Malta (Malted in Maltese and in English), Gozo (Maltese Ghawdexen and Gozo in English), Comino (Kemmuna in Maltese and Comino in English) and the island Manoel; four others are uninhabited: Cominotto (Kemmunett in Maltese and Cominotto in English), Filfla, Filfoletta and both islands of Saint Paul.
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