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Coins of the Slovak currency

Slovakia possesses one unique series  since 2009

We owe the engraving of the Slovak faces to the artists Drahomír Zobek (1 ¢ in 5 ¢),
Ján Cernaj and Pavel Károly (10 ¢ in 50 ¢) and Ivan Rehák (1 and 2 €).

These coins present three motives :

Double cross and three hills, the Castel of Bratislava and the mount Krivá?

Repartition : 3 3 2 - 3 motives


Slice of the 2€ slovak coin

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The three motives of the Slovak coins

Carousel of the Slovak coins

The unique series since 2009



Slovakia in a few figures

   Official name : Slovak Republic 
   Area : 49 000 km²
   Population : 5,4 millions
   Density : 111 hab/km²
   Political regime : Parlementary Republic
   Capital : Bratislava
   Languishes : Slovak, Hungarian         

   Slogan : None

Coat of arms of Slovakia     Sabl

National anthem : Above mounts The Tatra Mountains shines the flash of lightning

The Slovak Republic

       Slovakia, in long shape the Slovak Republic, in Slovak Slovensko and Slovenská republika, is a country situated in Central Europe, at the heart of continental Europe and east of the European Union, of which it is a member since 2004. Its border countries are Poland in the North, Ukraine in the East, Hungary in the South, Austria in the southwest and the Czech Republic in the northwest. From October 28th, 1918 till March 21st, 1939, then from April 4th, 1945 till December 31st, 1992, it was a member of the Czechoslovakia.


          The country becomes again independent on January 1st, 1993, three years after the "Velvet revolution" of 1989 which ended the communist regime imposed by the " blow of Prague " of February, 1948, the federalism advocated by the "Prague Spring" of 1968 having been interrupted brutally in August of this year by Soviet Union and its allies. Since the independence, the country pursued a policy of integration of the country in the international institutions;

Slovakia is a part of the NATO since March 29th, 2004, and the European Union since May 1st, 2004. In 2005, the country was elected for the first time to the UN Security Council. The euro is its currency since January 1st, 2009.

Slovakia is a member of numerous international organizations, such as the UNO, NATO, the WTO (WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION), the OECD or still the V4, and been a part of the Eurozone.
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