History of the currency

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The opinion of certain users of the MLC


The opinion of some speakers

Interview of Marie-Christine Baudin, co-founder of the local currency " La Luciole "  Capture d e cran 2018 06 16 a 09 50 44

" I had followed the experience of the currency SOL and I wanted to set up the same thing in Ardèche. But I had no support on behalf of the elected representatives, then I dashed into an independent experience. It left a will to make otherwise, to value the time another way that by the money, to revitalize the local economy and to restore in the currency its first function, that of the exchange. To be able to use " La Luciole ", it is necessary to be a member of the association, that we are persons receiving benefits or consumers. So, the members exchange with the association of euros for Lucioles. And we place euros in THE NAVE.
In one month we have managed to have 15 persons receiving benefits. People are sensitive to these questions and are curious to see alternate initiatives. A friend told me that that had caused the friendly exchanges in a shop one day when she paid in Lucioles.

It is necessary before any having the faith and being conscious that small acts can have an important impact. It is necessary to be very patient, because between the idea and the effective implementation of the currency, that can set a lot of time. And then, there is a question which seems to me central, that of the sense that have our euros in our bank account, when we know that the great majority are virtual. It is always necessary to keep it for the spirit. "


J-F Marquès, president of the association Tat who groups the users of the currency Occitan on Pézenas.  Capture d e cran 2018 06 16 a 09 49 46

" The creation of the Occitan currency clearly allowed to revitalize the local exchanges and thus the convenience store, as far as the Occitan is valid only to Pézenas. After approximately one year of existence, there are about fifty storekeepers Piscénois (the inhabitants of Pézenas) who are a member of the operation, on hundred storekeepers all in all in the city center. "

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General Informations on the MLC


     Desertification of small shops, relocation, unemployment, or still loss of social links, exchanges it maybe a way to regain control the economy and to make it more human. Indeed, the local currency allows to build and to protect the integrity of a territory and to open to the others by exchanging its wealth without putting itself in danger. The purpose is not to compete with the national currency but to create a complementary currency which can mitigate the deficiencies of the current monetary system become uncontrollable, in this time of economic crises.

So, once the organized currency, the private individuals can buy purchase vouchers in local currency (1€ = 1 local monetary unit). These vouchers are accepted by the professionals members. Euros converted in local currency constitute a guarantee fund placed in an ethical bank to support projects joining in mind of the charter. So, the local economy is revitalized, the social links rebuilted and the evolution of favored consciousness.

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MLC - Advantages and inconveniences

     The complementary currencies can be divided into 2 groups

  1. Local currencies pressed on the official currency: 1 unity = 1 €. The national currency is often placed in an ethical bank.
  2. The complementary currencies not pressed on the national currency: their unity has no relationship with the official currency. The agreement of exchange of the properties or the existing services created the currency. This type of currency is not developed here.

A monetary unit is equal to an euro, which allows to use it more easily, without having to make of conversion. But that's it even which returns the interest difficult to understand.

Those who use it make it because it represents for them a way of revitalizing the local economy, because its use is restricted to a geographical zone. It allows the storekeepers who agree it to distance themselves from others and thus to attract more customers.

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List and position of local currencies in France


List and geographical setting-up of local currencies in France


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And if we created a local currency?


To speak about local currency, it is to join a particular economic speech.

          A local currency is, in economics, a not steady currency - but tolerated by a national government (which is not inevitably legal tender), and fate to be exchanged only in a restricted zone. The currencies of this type are also called complementary currencies because they do not have authority to substitute themselves for the official currency, the euro for example, but to circulate in parallel in this one. They take numerous forms, as material as virtual.


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The 12 stars of the European flag


The European flag is a flag decorated with twelve golden stars in five branches, one of the branches pointed upward, arranged at a distance equal in circle on field of azure. He represents the solidarity and the union between the peoples of Europe.

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Simone Veil


Simone Veil, the date of its birth and its death, the year of decriminalization of the abortion (1975) and N° under which she was deported to the concentration camp of Auschwitz (78651).

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2018 - Eurocol's Tutos


A new coin arrives in your pocket and you've never seen it ?

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2018 28

2018 - News of March


To thank his 13 000th visitor, Eurocol ended its update of March, 2018:

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Hibernia 2€ Ireland

The numismatists waited for the first commemorative coin of Ireland.
She was struck in January, 2016 to 4 500 000 copies.

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The Athenian owl


          If the currency goes back up at the dawn of the times, it is necessary to wait for the 7th century av. J.-C., and then the Greeks, to see the appearance of struck metallic rooms. This innovation was a turning point in the history of the money.

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