Plan of the site

  • Presentation 7

    Presentation of the Euro, Europe, Eurocol, the coins of our currency and the common faces of these coins
  • National series 26

    Description of all the national series emitted by the member and not member States of the Eurozone
  • Commemoratives 24

    Description of the commemorative coins of the European currency emitted by States since 2004
  • Particular series 9

    Description of the series of particular coins of the European currency, Common Emissions, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta
  • Synthesis by Country 24

    Synthesis of the broadcast of coins of every Country of the Eurozone, their national, particular series and commemorative coins
  • Appendicies 10

    Diverse appendices around the Candidate Countries, former currencies, not circulating coins, glossary, thanks and work in progress

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